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The Broken

Maralyn Rayne sets off on an adventure with one goal in mind.

Find an ancient crystal that tore the world apart. With it she can finally join the Explorer's Guild and follow in her grandfather's footsteps. The only problem? Rayne's never really been an Explorer before, and there is a lot to learn. Oh, and the Frost Dragon, that's a problem too. 

With the help of some unlikely allies and a whole bunch of granola bars, Rayne must complete her quest, because if she doesn't...

Then the Broken World stands no chance of ever being put back together.

Praise For "The Broken World"

It's the best book ever and I can't even read!

- Dustbunny

The best part about it was that I was in it. 

- David Echoe ( Super Famous Adventurer)

I thought narratively speaking it was very similar to some of the stories in "The Ancient Mages of Flenever" by Sir Aron DuFrank. The writing was well done, and I would very much like to read more.

- Maralyn Rayne

Honestly thought it was great. Best book I've read all year, yeah?

- Hot Dog Stand Tony 

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