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The East

"The East is without a doubt, the most fascinating place in all of Flenever. Each island a very different culture, each one to be explored and protected at all cost."

                                                                                                                             - Marshall Rayne

WIP Map of The East


The East is the former eastern continent of Flenever. It is now a fractured land that is composed of thirteen islands. The continent was fractured during the Breaking, an event in which a magical cataclysm that ripped apart time, space, and matter. The islands that now remain are a mixture of lands and cultures from varying histories, realms, and futures. Below is a list of Eastern islands, and their respective category based on where they came from. There are three categories. The Remnant Islands, which remain from the original Eastern timeline, the Alternate Islands, which are from different historical or present timelines, as well as the Modern Islands, those that come from a future not yet and never to be had.

Remnant Islands

  • Volthum

  • Gorma

  • Kiri

  • Granton

  • Carraway

Remnant Islands

Alternate Islands

  • NEM

  • Seraphine 

  • The Edge

  • Midway

  • Alexandria

Alternate Islands

Modern Islands

  • Crescent Isles

  • Hampshire

  • Trade Island

Modern Islands
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