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Salt Currency

Salts Ingots are the primary form of currency in the East. They were created and put into circulation soon after The Council was joined together in order to begin solving the economical issues the East was having at the time. After The Breaking, roughly a dozen different islands were pulled from their respective times, thus altering the future time line forever. 

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Creation and Acceptance of Salts in The East

The Salt Ingots were chosen as a universal form of currency that would be adopted by all of the islands now in the East. The adoption was easiest for those on Remnant Islands as salt trade was already quite prominent, however new types of salt were added into their trading system. The Alt Islands had little difficulty incorporating the salt ingots into their economy as most of Alternate cities focused on coin based currency.  However, it was the Modern Islands who faced the biggest challenges in the cataclysmic rearranging of the East. The Modern cities had varying degrees of online banking and card based transactions, accompanied alongside printed paper bills. In an attempt to mitigate the cost of changing over entire banking systems in half a dozen large cities, a series of Salt Bills (See Below) were created, each corresponding with the Salt Ingot it represented.

The Salt Bills were a success in the modern cities and even became accepted and used in several of the Alt Island cities. 

Creation and Acceptance

List of Salt Ingots and Value

Gray Salt - 5 Salts (Equivalent to a Silver Bell) 

Red Salt - 10 Salts (Equivalent to a Gold Bell) 

Blue Salts - 20 Salts (Equivalent to a Copper Tower)

Gold Salt - 50 Salts (Equivalent to a Silver Tower) 

Black Salt - 100 Salts (Equivalent to a Gold Tower)

List of Salts an Values
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