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In the world of Flenever, magic is a sub-physical, living force. It is a natural element that also acts as a pure form of energy that can be interacted with by living beings. It has invisible currents that wash over and around Flenever. It is often described by ancient people as the Invisible Deep. In some Flenevian cultures, the concept of transcendental meditation and leaving the body bring your spirit into the ocean, and there, everything you experience is the life and reality of the Invisible Deep. 

The Nature of Magic

The Nature of Magic
Magic is at it's base, a unique form of energy, that is based around connection. Magic extends from the Invisible Deep, and into the world of Flenever. It flows throughout everything physical, however it does so in a sub-physical, spiritual way. The only way that magical energy can become physical, is when enough of the energy gathers together and compresses into a physical crystal like structure called an accumulator. For humans in Flenever, this is the only way to interact or manipulate the magical energy in the world. 

How Magic is Used

Magic is most often used, or manipulated with an accumulator. One way to use an accumulator is as a battery. Accumulators can store large amounts of magical energy depending on the size and quality of the gem, and can then be used to power a machine, or system. However, there is no such thing as an infinite accumulator. They can only contain a finite amount of magical energy due to the physical nature of the device. Kalvin's First Law also states that magic is used DOUBLE the amount that it recharges, which means that it will always be expended faster than it can recharge.

Accumulators can also be wielded by a user. The magic in the accumulator becomes connected to the user, and via the user, their spirit, or their will. By coming into contact with an accumulator, the user can then focus their attention on one or more things connected by magic in order to create a reaction, thus expending magical energy. However, the type of focus needed for magic wielding is a deep subconscious type that very few posses naturally. It requires intense mental training and a specific mindset to accomplish.

When using an accumulator, it is always best to use direct physical contact. Thus a stronger connection. However if used in a weapon, such as a staff, or a rifle, the magical energy can still be connected to, and used. However Kalvin's Second Law states that the strength of the connection is directly proportional to the distance between the user and the accumulator. A user can connect to an accumulator from across a room, however the connection will be weak, and thus the results will also be weak.

When an accumulator begins to run out of magical energy, it begins to dim and fade in color to a dull gray, thus indicating the lack of magical energy. If a user were to attempt to use magical energy from a depleted accumulator it would simply fizzle out in a battery like fashion, and nothing would happen. However, in some cases, when a user attempts to press a magical action, the user's own magic becomes the source that powers the accumulator, thus expending their own energy. If a user's own magical energy is depleted, they die. If the user is a creature of magical origins, such as a Gormaden, their bodies will display the effects that the lack of magic reflects. For instance, a Gormaden, who's magical nature cause their arms to be disconnected from the body, if depleted of magic, would lose the ability to connect and function to those extremities.

All living things born of Flenever are of magic, but some are more connected than others.

How Magic Is Used

Fighting With Magic
In fighting with magic, it is important to note that connection makes all the difference. If two people were to touch a single accumulator, the one with the stronger connection and spiritual will would win control of the energy.  Thus it is not a good idea to grapple with a magical user, unless you have the higher will and connection.

Fighting With Magic


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