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Magical Accumulators

"Why accumulators are the most fascinating thing. They are batteries of the universe which we may use to power great and wonderous magics. However we must also take great care, for the magic we so love may very well be used against us."

                                                                       - Kalvin The Sorcerer

What Accumulators Are

Accumulators are a physical manifestation of the natural magic in the world of Flenever. Magic is an element in the air that is put into the realm from the space in between the realms, often called the Kyos. When enough magic comes together it physicalizes into crystalline pieces.

These crystalline pieces come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Accumulators are brighter in color and brightness due to the magic content within, and without the magic loaded, the crystal is dim and clear. Wizards and sorcerers use these accumulators to power magic wands, staffs, as well as other unique tools.

There are even some rumors that someone was able to create a magical railgun in the West.

What Accumulators Are
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