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Noran Southern Blend

Noran Southern Blend is a cigarette blend from the South. It is made up of three distinct southern tobacco plants,  and two herbs known for their aromatic smell and relaxing benefits. Another unique feature is that Noran's use a native aloe gel to glue the paper that when burned, creates a cool and refreshing smoke.




Noran's Original is the first Noran Southern Blend. It was crafted by an Explorer named Edward Noran in his travels across the South in 1193AB. He was well versed in plants, and as he was traveling, would collect plants in a flat leather holder so as to preserve them, and upon camping, would test and smoke each one to determine a flavor and aroma. Later upon his retirement from the Explorer's Guild, Edward Noran began to make and sell "Noran's Originals." They became a huge hit in the East, where he quickly sold out and went on to build his company. 

Noran Blues were the second blend crafted by Edward Noran before his death in 1243AB at the age of 85. Noran Blues were marked by their signature blue stripe and considered the culmination of his work. 

Since Noran's death, his family has continued the company, and since created Noran Black Stripes, a more modern blend mixing 5 southern tobacco plants, to 3 herbs. It was met with criticism by long time purveyors of Noran's, however in recent years it's growth in popularity due to the Modern Islands of the East has been exponential. 

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