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Bells and Towers

Bells and Towers are the primary currency of the Northern Kingdom. The coins are named after their respective shapes. The Bells being in the vague shape of a Bell and the Towers being a longer rectangular shape. Bells are the lowest valued currencies and Towers are the highest valued currencies. Traditionally Bells and Towers are kept on leather or metal cords. Most hold their money cords around their neck or on their belt.

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History an Creation

History and Creation

Originally the Northern Lands were ruled by the seven feudal lords. The most powerful lords were the one's whose territory stood in the centermost point of the land, while from there, the power spread outwards. 

Among the feudal empires, it was the Fifth Lord, The King By The Sea, who bought and bred a majority of the slaves who were sold throughout the land. Slavery had no race, nor bias towards any one group of people. It was simple, either you were a slave, marked by a notch on the ear, or you were not. Often times people sold one another into slavery, whether it be to pay debts, or because they were unable to provide for themselves. 

Slave trade became a massive market in the North, allowing for aristocrats and rulers to purchase cheap workers that would provide for and expand their own personal kingdoms. It was near enough to the year 500 when a small group of Fifth Lord slaves began to orchestrate a plan to overthrow their corrupt empire.


They built a resistance, and began attacking the outlying feudal lords, upon their victory they would gain resources and assistance from their fellow slaves gradually building their army. Each Feudal Lord was also known to have a special bell tower, and upon conquering the lords the slaves would ring out those bell towers for the whole land to hear. Upon destroying the centermost, and most powerful lord, they rang the bell tower and tore it down, smelting down the metal the bell was made from in order to mint their own currency. 

They created the Bell Coins, small bell shaped tokens with a notch cut out at the bottom, similar to the notch in every slave's ear. They then also minted Towers, larger rectangular and thicker currency. Bells and Towers quickly became the unifying currency of the Northern Kingdom.

List of Bells/Towers and Values

List of Bells/Towers And Their Values

Copper Bells - 1 (Equivalent to .25 Gray Salt)

Silver Bells - 5 (Equivalent to a Gray Salt Ingot/Bill)

Gold Bells - 10 (Equivalent to a Red Salt Ingot/Bill)

Copper Tower - 20 (Equivalent to a Blue Salt Ingot/Bill)

Silver Tower - 50 (Equivalent to a Gold Salt Ingot/Bill)

Gold Tower - 100 (Equivalent to a Black Salt Ingot/Bill)

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